Description of poems

2-1.Writing more English

Writing English is very important. When I was a junior high school student, I could not make a good idea during my English lesson. Even though I thought in Japanese, I could not think of it in English. In such a case, I could think easily by writing what I was thinking in English. I felt like my world spread. The more I write letters in English, the more my world will spread. Every time my world spreads, I think the world will become beautiful. Writing English is wonderful.


2-2.English teacher

My English teacher when I was a junior high school student was a kind, always smiling teacher. I was not good at English, so there were so many things I did not understand. However, my teacher always taught me gently with a smile. I hated English, but it began to like English gradually. My English teacher was liked by everyone thanks to the personality. If people like my English teacher educate in English, I think that everyone will surely like English. First of all, I think that it is important for English education to remove fear and dislike against English.


2-3. Reading books

I like reading books. Reading a Japanese book can increase my knowledge and it is a lot of fun. So, I read a lot of Japanese books. However, sometimes I read English books. In English books, grammar and reading are difficult and difficult to read. It is hard to understand the contents. But it is pleasant and fun to be able to understand the contents. The experience of reading English books is an unusual experience. I think that we should positively incorporate English reading into English education in the future.



I hate studying English grammar. Studying English grammar is monotonous, it tends to be studying just to learn decisions. In English education in the future, I think that it is necessary to change the learning method of English grammar more. We should study English grammar more and more systematically, speaking and writing, and making various movements. If I do not change the current situation, I think that the number of students who dislike English by English grammar increases.


3-2.English class room

English class has a unique atmosphere. Unlike other classes, all the students seem to be nervous because the language used is different. However, only the teacher can afford to have facial expressions. It takes time to get used to the special environment of English class. In order for the students to relax, the teacher must cooperate. First of all, it is important for students to get used to the environment where they learn English. 



Friends who always stay by my side are indispensable for learning. Learning is done for myself, but motivation rises when there are friends to learn together. When I was a high school student, my study of English did not progress much. I was struggling very much. But my friend helped me. My friend studied English with me and taught me something I do not understand.I am thankful and motivated. If I do not feel motivated to learn English, I think that you can learn while teaching with friends.


4-1.English songs

When I was a high school student, I heard English songs in front of a store. I could not catch it, but it was a cheerful song. While listening for a while in front of the store, I gradually be able to hear English. I thought it was thanks to listening in English class. When I understood English lyrics, I felt it more fun to listen to English songs. Besides that, English rhythm and pronunciation made me feel comfortable. I felt there was special magic in English songs.

The introduction


My name is Aoyama Shintarou. I am a university student and 20 years old. My major is Japanese. I like reading books. My favorite book is “Gulliver’s travels”.This book is very fun to read with a very exciting adventure story.I am a member of horse riding club. I started horse riding after I became a college student. I am still poor at horse riding but I practice every day. 71 However, horse riding is very difficult and hard to improve. I want to work hard so that I can communicate with my horse. I am living a fun university life.[101 words]


2.Explanation of theme

My theme is “English time”. I think the most important thing to learn English is time spent in English. In addition to regular English learning and lessons, using English in various situations will improve students’ English language skills. When I was a junior high school student, I learned that by my teacher so I remembered that. So I thought about English time in my poem. English is not used much in daily life.However, it is important to use a lot of English. I remembered the importance of using English in various situations.


3.Description of three poems


There are a lot when talking with friends. It is a very fun time, occupying most of the memories of the time of the student. That time is all in Japanese, but if you mix English a bit in it, it will be a very interesting time. Even just having fun will not only make you more enjoyable but also improve students’ academic abilities. Speaking English will make you more fun if you improve your English. Speaking English makes fun talking with friends even more fun. That is a very happy thing.



English books feel very fresh. Unlike Japanese books I usually read, it is totally different from Japanese books such as expression methods and metaphor. By reading English books you can taste the air from overseas. By touching not only English but also overseas atmosphere, my world spreads widely. The book I read was a magical story like a mystery. I felt like I was in a foreign country when I was reading that book. I would like many people to have similar experiences by reading English books.



Going abroad is a very valuable experience. I went to a home stay in Canada when I was a junior high school student. I could not speak much English, but Canadian people touched me warmly. Even if English is not good, it is important to communicate using English. The experience of going abroad is also valuable to expand my world. If you go abroad when you are a student, it will surely be a pleasant memory.You should go abroad at least.

English poems 3


We study grammar every one.

Grammar is not funny. Not interesting.

That is one reason we dislike English.

But grammar is necessary.

Only fun is not English.

2.English class room

English classes have a unique atmosphere.

I am always nervous.

But my English teacher was very kind.

I become relaxed.


Friends is very important.

It is the same in English learning.

Talking with friends in English is fun.

Learning English alone is lonely.

I want to Learn English funny.

English poems  2

1.Writing more English

I write English.

I write more English.

Every time I write English, my world spreads.

My world become beautiful.

2.English teacher
My English teacher was a good person.
He was kind everytime .
He was smile everytime.
So, we like English more.

3. Reading books
My hobby is reading books.
Almost I read Japanese books.
But sometimes I read English books and I have new discoveries.

I feel it is language magic.

English poems

1.Actively talk with friends

school, way back, park…

Talking with friends is pleasant.

Talking in English is pleasant too.

Talking with friend in English is very happy.



2.Read an English book

I read an English book.

The title is “crown”.

I feel British wind and British smell.

The possibilities of books are infinite.



3.Going abroad at least once

You should be interested in everything.

Foreign country are having  many many interesting things.

Use English.

Take communication.

Your world grow more.

Free writing

1.Listen to your teacher ‘s pronunciation frequently in class.

Hearing is very important thing . Teacher say English, and students are hearing carefully. Without writing. It is very useful for students.


2.To hear good pronunciation of ALT.

ALT’s pronunciation is very good. ALT is little scared for students. But, ALT gives many useful things to students.


3.To actively talk with friends in English.

I talk to friend in English. It is very exciting. I am learning in the talk. My friend learning in the talk too. It is very effective.


4.Do not teach only grammar.

Only teach grammar, students are tired. Don’t like English .It’s so bad. Talk with friends, hearing English songs and more are important.


5.Going abroad at least once.

Foreign country is wonderful. Another culture is interesting. Students must use English. These experience grow students.


6.Talking to English from elementary school.

Elementary school students are powerful. They are interested any thing. So, English is very good friend for they.


7.If possible, use English in everyday conversation.

When I meet a friend on the street, we are greeting in English. If that is natural, we use English frequently. We are smile.


8.Listen to English radio.

English radio is fanny. I like English radio. It easy, so students can understand that radio.


9.To read an English book.

English book is little difficult for students. But funny and interesting. It is learning too.


10.Learning English words and learning with friends.

Friends are important. If students don’t like English, make power with friends.

Important things for English languages learnings

1.Listen to your teacher ‘s pronunciation frequently in class.

2.To hear good pronunciation of ALT.

3.To actively talk with friends in English.

4.Do not teach only grammar.

5.Going abroad at least once.

6.Talking to English from elementary school.

7.If possible, use English in everyday conversation.

8.Listen to English radio.

9.To read an English book.

10.Learning English words and learning with friends.

11.To make foreign friends and talk in English.

12.To use English anyway.

Read Iida’s article

1.My understanding of the article

the article is very very difficult. In fact, I could not understand most of the article. But, this research is about the content of poetical descriptions when the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Tohoku region in Japan. This study is how second language writers feel when they face such a disaster. And I picked up 12 poems and this article is thinking about the feelings of second language writers.As a result,  poetry written by second language writers in this study was characterized as short, personal, direct, and descriptive. Second language writers can successfully communicate their experiences relating to traumatic events through poetry.


2.My best poem in this article


I am most sympathetic to this poem. Because this poem is the closest to my situation when the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Tohoku region in Japan.  At that time I was calling home with my friends. Earthquakes occurred and all the electricity went out as soon as the phone ran out. Because I did not have a cell phone, my friend who was talking on the phone worried and went bicycle to the friend’s house. Fortunately, my friend was safe. After that, I wanted to confirm the safety of my grandmother, mother, father, brother, various people, but it took a long time. While I could not contact, I seemed to be lonely and I was very anxious. So, I was relieved to find that everyone was safe. I remembered reading this poem that being able to contact at any time is a wonderful thing.

Lesson 1:self-introduction

My name is Aoyama Shintarou.I am 20 years old.

I am from Matsuida town.Matsuida town is located in the west of Gumma prefecture.There are very rural and many forest.I love Matsuida town, because there are clean air and very quiet.

I liked animals since I lived in Matsuida town.So, I am a member of horse riding club.Horse riding is very difficult, but exciting.Horses are very cute.I love horses and horse riding.At university, I would like to work hard at balancing study and horse riding.